Training : Sports Diver

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This progressive course builds on and expands the solid foundation of the Ocean Diver Course by

  • Developing skills learnt on the Ocean Diver Course
  • Introducing new skills and equipment that will enhance your diving practice
  • Increasing your knowledge of diving theory and practice

On the Sports Diver Course you will

  • Learn how to deploy and use a Surface Marker Buoy, Delayed Surface Marker Buoy, distance lines and shot lines
  • Learn about using a compass for navigation
  • Explore deeper diving and decompression diving
  • Look at and practice diver rescue skills
  • Learn about Dive Management skills and dive planning

You will be expected to dive in a range of conditions including a dive

  • Using a shot line with a deep water exit
  • Using Nitrox to a maximum of 36%
  • From a small and/or a large boat
  • On a wall
  • In low visibility

The cost of this course includes

  • The workbook
  • Certification
  • Pool training
  • Lectures
  • Qualifying dives

Cost £380

Training Training

NB The cost of the course does not include entry or membership fees into Inland Dive Sites, the cost of any boat arranged on the qualifying dives.