Training : Skill Development

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First Aid for Divers

A course enabling you to develop the skills you will need for dealing with diver related injuries.

Oxygen Administration

This essential course for all divers will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to administer oxygen, a recognised and approved first-aid treatment, to a diver with a suspected decompression problem.

Nitrox Diver

An introduction to using Enriched Air Nitrox for diving, on which you will look at the safety aspects of using Nitrox, be shown how to mix and analyse the gas mix and examine how to plan and execute nitrox dives.

Dive Planning and Marshalling

An introduction to Dive Marshalling underlying the responsibilities of planning and organising dives, the recording of essential dive information and how to plan for potential diving emergencies.

Equipment Care

On this course you will look at ways in which you can maintain the condition of your diving equipment, explore basic fault diagnosis and carry out simple repairs.